Case Study 4

Deputy Chief of Staff

As Deputy Chief of Staff to the Victorian Minister for Water, Police & Emergency Services, my role revolved around support for the Minister’s multifaceted responsibilities.

Guiding the Minister through the intricacies of governance, my role included steadfast support at Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council, cabinet deliberations, and parliamentary committee sessions.

My portfolio extended to cultivating and nurturing relationships with departmental heads, statutory bodies, and government regulators, an effort that played a pivotal role in bolstering the Minister’s endeavours.

I provided counsel to government ministers, parliamentary members, and regional representatives in Victoria, particularly insights on water resource management.

Connecting with stakeholders and community members, I spoke with them about water and emergency management matters. Acting as a conduit on behalf of the Minister, these conversations illuminated the realities of the people, shaping our strategies to be both responsive and equitable.

Case Studies

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